Horizontal Rubber Injection Machine (H Series)

H series horizontal rubber injection machine consists of first-in first-out injection unit and horizontal hydraulic vertical compression clamping unit. It adopts PCL intelligent control and hydraulic drive to realize the complete automatic productive process including melting, injection, vulcanization and moulding. The rubber injection machine is widely applied to process precise rubber articles, sealing strips and connectors, etc.


1. The machine applies hydraulic straight pressure clamping structure.
2. In order to meet the needs of different mould and product, side ejectors and middle ejectors are equipped for fixed plate and movable plate.
3. The H series horizontal rubber injection machine adopts close-loop control clamping system, combined with brushing system for automatic demold and FIFO injection system.
4. Separated oil temperature control for barrel and accumulator, B&R X20 control system and 10.4' touch screen with key-press are mounted on the rubber injection machine.
5. As an experienced rubber injection machine supplier in China, the whole REP-H product line is approved by CE safety standards.


H series horizontal rubber injection machine is specially developed for O-ring. The whole machine is designed according to European style structure with full-automatic stripper machine to realize automatic production. It is accredited by CE certificates.


Item Unit TTH-300 TTH-450
Injection Pressure bar 2000 2000 2000
Injection Volume cc 1000 2000 2000
Screw Diameter mm 32 40 40
Screw Speed rpm 0-210 0-220 0-220
Clamping Force kN 3000 4500
Mould Opening Stroke mm 450 500
Distance Between Heating Plates mm 900 1080
Min. Mould Thickness mm 200 240
Clear Distance Between Columns mm 580x580 800x750
Heating Plate Dimension mm 550x550 750x800
System Pressure bar 250 250
Machine Weight ton 10.6 14.2
Machine Dim. (LxWxH) m 5700x1700x2030 6390x1960x2130
Hydraulic Pump Power kW 37 37
Heating Plate Power kW 14 24
Total Power kW 56.5 66.5