Rubber Tire Production Line

The rubber tire production line is equipped with 8 working stations for producing 8 different sizes of tyre, which has the annual output of 80 thousand pieces. The press-on solid tyre rubber injection line contains the following units:
1. Rubber injection moulding machine
2. Multi-station compression molding machine
3. Multi-station mould conveying auto-docking & position unit
4. Mould-opening machine
5. Tyre unload unit


Clamping unit

The clamping unit is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders for fast mould opening and closing; it can provide infinitely adjustable clamping force and safe mould pressure.
The injection unit adopts injection closed-loop control to ensure accurate injection volume.
Injection system with special design can quickly remove storage part for exchanging sealing ring and cleaning easily.

Compression Machine

Compression machine with vulcanizing function is the tyre vulcanization unit of the rubber tire production line. When filled with material, the mould will be transmitted to compression machine by multi-functional automatic positioning unit. After being vulcanized, tyre will be moved to mould-opening unit.

Multi-station auto-docking positioning unit

The hydraulic system of this unit with the speed control function ensures the stable and reliable operation of the mould carriage. Electronic system of the mould carriage can automatically control the mould and panel and ensure smooth slow down and accurate stopping.

Mould-opening Unit

Vulcanized tyre and mould are transmitted to mould-opening unit by auto-docking positioning unit. Then pneumatic claw locks the upper mould; hydraulic cylinder moves up to separate the upper and lower mould, and products remain in the lower mould. Mould opening device with adjustable pliers is smart and reliable.

Tyre-unloading Unit

The tyre-unloading unit of the rubber tire production line has the function of taking out the tyre from the mould after tyre being vulcanized and sending the tyre to the transmission line. The tyre unloading unit is featured with adjustable speed, which guarantees the tyre take-out action be sensitive and reliable.

High-efficient Hydraulic System

The whole press-on solid tyre rubber injection line has three sets of oil pumps, among which, one set of pump controls total movements of rubber injection machine; one small oil pump control mould-carrying vehicle device, another mid-size oil pump control the movements of vulcanizing compression machine, mould-opening device and tyre-unloading device.
The whole line adopts America high-pressure oil pump with pressure up to 28.5Mpa, which is able to work smoothly under the pressure of 24 Mpa in long term.
The whole hydraulic system adopts German advanced proportional flow and pressure control to guarantee steady movements and high-degree accuracy.

Control System

The rubber tire production line adopts SIEMENS S7-300 and S7-200 control systems, world famous electrical components and user-friendly human-computer interface. Modular design can enable or disable some functions via the control panel.


Solid tyre rubber injection line is multi-station high efficiency special equipment developed for producing solid tyre based on many years’ experience of producing the rubber products, which is featured with high efficiency, stability and automaticity.


DKM-R650 Injection Molding Machine

Item Unit Parameter
Injection pressure ㎏/㎝2 1380
Injection volume C.C. 25000
Diameter of screw 90
Clamping force kN 6,500
Opening stroke mm 600
Plate clearance 600
Size of the plate 900x820
Pressure bar 210
Machine weight ton 30
Dimension(LXWXH) m 17.9X5.5X5.8
Pump motor power kW 37.5
Power kW 65
Injection speed cc/Min 5000
100 ton Press vulcanizer
Item Unit Parameter
Clamping force kN 1000
Opening stroke mm 400
Plate clearance 500
Size of the plate 820X820
Pressure bar 210
Pump motor power kW 15
Mould opening unit
Item Unit Parameter
Snap Guage Max. diameter mm 800
Vertical stroke mm 550(Length of the cylinder 600)
Tyre-loading unit Diameter of steer ring 150~500
Vertical stroke 370(Length of the cylinder 400)
Tyre-unloading unit Diameter of steel ring 150~500
Vertical stroke 560mm(Length of the cylinder 600)
Right and left stroke 800~900mm
mould transmission device
Item Unit Parameter
Guide rail central moment 603
Width of the guide rail mm 75
Height of the guide rail mm 680
Diameter of the mould carriage mm 900mm×880
Drive mode Hydraulic motor drive, chain drive

DKM-RV650 Rubber Injection Machine

Item Unit Parameters
Injection pressure kg/cm2 1380
Injection volume C.C. 25000
Screw diameter mm 90
Clamping force kN 6500
Mould Open Stroke mm 600
Distance between heating plates mm 600
Heating plate dimension mm 900X820
System pressure bar 210
Machine weight ton 30
Dimension (L x W x H) m 17.9X5.5X5.8
Oil pump motor power kW 37.5
Total Power kW 65
Injection Speed cc/min 5000
100T Compression Machine
Item Unit Parameters
Clamping force kN 1000
Mould Open Stroke mm 400
Distance between heating plates mm 500
Heating plate dimension mm 820X820
System pressure bar 210
Oil pump motor power kW 15
Mould - opening &Tyre- unloading Equipment
Item Unit Parameters
Snap gear max diameter mm 800
Snap gear vertical stroke mm 550(cylinder length 600)
Upper tyre mould oro rim diameter mm 150~500
Upper tyre mold oro rim vertical stroke mm 370(cylinder length 400)
Lower tyre mould oro rim diameter mm 150~500
Lower tyre mold oro rim vertical stroke mm 560(cylinder length 600)
Tyre transmitting stroke mm 800~900
Mould - transmitting Equipment
Item Unit Parameters
Rail center distance mm 603
Rail width mm 75
Rail height ( from the ground) mm 680
Mold carrier dimension mm 900 X880
Driving mode High frequency response proportional directional valve