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Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Vertical Rubber Injection Machine

Vertical rubber injection machine is composed of an injection unit and a clamping unit. It is equipped with PLC ...


Horizontal Rubber Injection Machine

Horizontal rubber injection machine with horizontal structure is developed for producing large hollow insulators ...


C-Frame Rubber Injection Machine

C-frame rubber injection machine with accessible C-frame structure facilitates the operation in 3 sides. It can be ...


Liquid Rubber Injection Machine

Liquid rubber injection machine is the equipment that inject two kinds of liquid rubber at different ratio into ...


Rubber Tire Production Line

The rubber tire production line is equipped with 8 working stations for producing 8 different sizes of tyre, which ...


Injection Compression Molding Machine

The injection compression molding machine is to inject the rubber into the mold cavities by injection cylinder and ...



Rubber injection molding machine is composed of an injection unit and a clamping unit. It is equipped with PLC intelligent control and hydraulic drive system, which help to realize complete automatic productive process including melting, injection, and vulcanization, moulding process. The rubber injection molding machine is suitable for processing materials such as natural rubber, nitrile-butadiene rubber, Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer, etc. The machine has different series including vertical silicon rubber injection machine, horizontal silicon rubber injection machine and so on. The features are as follows:
1. FIFO (First in First Out) and FILO (First In Last Out) Injection Unit
2. Vertical Locking Mold Configuration
3. PLC Intelligent Control System
4. Hydraulic Circuit Made in Germany