Twins Screw Pipe Extruder

The twin screw pipe extruder adopts tapered twin-screw extrusion structure with the advantages of high output and good mixing effect. It is mainly used for the processing of soft/hard PVC pipes, PVC profiles, PVC cables, PVC transparent bottles and the other polyolefin products, especially the direct processing of the plastic/powder materials.


1. The screw with the newest double conical structure and variable pitch improve the output by over 30%.
2. The compact distribution gearbox introduces imported famous brand thrust bearings which make the assembly and/or disassembly more convenient.
3. The hardened gear surface of the gearbox guarantees the high loading capacity and long service life.
4. The extruder and feeder are driven by the DC motor. The using of British EUROTHERM DC speed controller achieves the synchronization of the extruder, feeder and haul-off machine, which makes the operation more convenient.
5. The Japanese PKG meter ensures precise temperature controlling.
6. The main electric components of the twin screw extruder are from the overseas suppliers or domestic joint ventures.
7. The melt pressure and temperature transducers allow the obvious inspection of the melt and easy operation.
8. As an experienced twin screw extruder supplier in China, Dekuma strive for the perfection of each single component to optimize the machine.


The twins screw pipe extruder adopts the latest German technology which guarantees the superior machine performance, Dekuma strive for the perfection of each single component to optimize the machine. The advanced B&R-PCC or SIEMENS modular control system realizes the real time data recording function, the automatic control and the wide range of material application and high output.


Type DKM-EⅡ50/103 DKM-EⅡ60/125 DKM-EⅡ70/150
Diameter of screw Mm 50/103 60/125 70/150
Screw speed Rpm 40 38 38
Effective length of screw Mm 1060 1300 1600
Main motor power Kw 22 37 55
Barrel heating power Kw 16 24 35
Max. output Kg/h 150 350 500
Center height Mm 1000 1000 1000
Dimension (LxWxH) mm 3780x1280x2155 4170x1380x2350 3660x1380x2495