Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

Plastic pipe extrusion line is used to extrude and mold plastic pipe by melting the PE, PP plastic through screw and die. The whole line is composed of extruder, die head, vacuum calibrator, cooling tank, haul-off and cutter unit. The pipe extrusion line is broadly applied to produce water pipe, oil-conveying pipe and discharge pipe.


The plastic pipe extrusion line adopts advanced PCC control system to realize the automatic control of the whole line.
The optimum barrier screw is suitable for a wide range of raw materials and articles.
The precise temperature control system ensures the constant and stable output under different speeds.
The specially designed groove feeding barrel suits the screw structure and ensures the steady and reliable production.
The powerful and durable dynamic driving guarantees stable extrusion volume and superior article quality.
The high-performance co-extruder could either be controlled independently or tandem drive controlled with the main extruder.
The pipe extrusion line has the advantage of low wearing screw design, high material melting performance, steady and smooth melting process, homogenous melts, low energy consumption, low plasticizing temperature and pre-mixed material with uniform color and excellent performance.


As an experienced pipe extrusion line supplier in China, our plastic pipe extrusion line adopts German extrusion technology and key parts with the merits of high output and mixing evenness. By the great machining capacity of CML Group, which is the parent company of DEKUMA, each parts even the whole machine have been guaranteed to comply the standard of European inspection.


The pipe extrusion line can produce pipes of different specifications from 10mm to 2m.