Injection Compression Molding Machine

The injection compression molding machine is to inject the rubber into the mold cavities by injection cylinder and then heat the mold, curing the rubber. It is an economic rubber production equipment composed of injection cylinder and clamping unit, which is able to improve the production efficiency through double-station operation. The injection compression molding machine is broadly applied to all kind of rubber articles.


1. The machine is an economical type product.
2. It adopts simple structure for easy operation.
3. The whole rubber injection product line is approved by CE safety standards.
4. Double-station is optional.


RI series vertical rubber injection machine has more than 20 years’ practical experience, which is stable and reliable. European style structure design and German expert designed key parts are adopted by the machine; by the great machining capacity of CML Group, which is the parent company of DEKUMA, each parts even the whole machine have been guaranteed to comply the standard of European inspection. It is the perfect combination of German Tech and made in China to create the low-cost and high-performance product.


Item Unit DKM-RI200 DKM-RI200FD DKM-RI300 DKM-RI300FD DKM-RI500
Injection Pressure bar 800 800 600 600 800
Injection Volume cc 2000 2000 4500 4500 10000
Clamping Force kN 2000 2000 3000 3000 5000
Mould Opening Stroke mm 480 480 350 350 700
Distance Between Heating Plates mm 600 600 850 850 940
Min. Mould Thickness mm 120 120 200 200 240
Clear Distance Between Columns mm 700X650 700X650 710X660 710X660 695X795
Heating Plate Dimension mm 500X800 500X800 580X990 580X990 630X1500
System Pressure bar 225 225 250 250 220
Machine Weight ton 4.8 6.5 7 12 13
Hydraulic Pump Power kW 11 11 11 11 22
Heating Plate Power kW 14 28 24 48 35
Total Power kW 25 39 35 59 57