RV Vertical Rubber Injection Machine

RV series vertical rubber injection machine consists of a vertical injection unit and a vertical clamping unit. It adopts PLC intelligent control and hydraulic drive to realize complete automatic productive process including melting, injection, and vulcanization, moulding process. The vertical rubber injection moulding machine can be widely used for processing vibration absorption rubber, oil sealing, O-ring, braking rubber bowl, rubber mould, door and window sealing strip connecting, etc.


1. The machine is featured with high precision, high output and extremely long service life.
2. Precise components and high quality supporting parts extend its service life.
3. Closed loop temperature control ensures uniform vulcanizing process.
4. Specialized design of the injection and plasticizing unit ensure precise control of injection volume.
5. Modular design is adaptable for different products, processes and automation requirements.
6. The RV vertical rubber injection machine is suitable for all kinds of elastomers like NR, EPDM, HTV, CR…


RV series vertical rubber injection moulding machine is designed based on more than 20 years practical experience, which is stable and reliable. The whole machine adopts European style structure design and its key parts are designed by German experts. The powerful machining capacity of CML Group, parent company of DEKUMA, guarantee the high quality standard of every single part and even the whole machine.


Item Unit DKM-RV200 DKM-RV300 DKM-RV400 DKM-RV500
Injection Pressure bar 1750 1750 1750 1750
Injection Volume cc 2000 3000 4000 5000
Clamping Force kN 2000 3000 4000 5000
Mould Opening Stroke mm 480 570 600 760
Distance Between Heating Plates mm 600 640 700 860
Min. Mould Thickness mm 120 70 100 100
Heating Plate Dimension mm 500x500 650x650 700x700 700x720
Mould Sliding Stroke mm 600 650 680 800
System Pressure bar 225 200 210 220
Machine Weight ton 6.5 8.5 10 14.5
Machine Dim. (LxWxH) m 3.7x2.2x3.7 3.9x2.4x4.1 3.7x2.45x4.9 3.9x3x5.16
Hydraulic Pump Power kW 11 15 22 22
Heating Plate Power kW 14 16 19 20
Total Power kW 29 35 44 46