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Plastic Pipe Extrusion Units

Single Screw Pipe Extruder

Single screw pipe extruder adopts motor and reducer casing direct-connection structure to melt and extrude PE、PP ...


Twins Screw Pipe Extruder

The twin screw pipe extruder adopts tapered twin-screw extrusion structure with the advantages of high output and ...


Plastic Pipe Die Head

The specially designed DKM basket plastic pipe die head and spiral pipe extrusion die head for the DKM series ...


Vacuum Calibrator

Vacuum calibrator, with the advantages of high precision and good cooling effect, is an equipment used for cooling ...


Spray Water Cooling Tank

Stainless steel spray water cooling tank is to further cooling and sizing plastic pipes through all-directional ...


Plastic Pipe Haul-Off Unit

Plastic pipe haul-off unit is provided with servo drive system to guarantee the synchronization of the track and ...


Plastic Pipe Planetary Cutter

1. Plastic pipe planetary cutting machine adopts hydraulic fluctuating blade advancing method and special saw ...


Plastic Chipless Cutting Machine

DKM-E series high-speed plastic chipless cutting machine is developed by the joint efforts of German experts and ...



Plastic pipe extrusion units mainly include extruder, die head, vacuum calibrator, and cooling tank, haul off unit, cutting unit. The units can produce plastic pipe with the diameter from 10mm to 2000mm.
The main parts of the plastic pipe extrusion units are single screw extruder, conical twin screw extruder, one layer die head, one layer die head with label line, 3 or 5 layer die head, vacuum calibrator, double pipe vacuum calibrator, spray cooling tank, sinking cooling tank, double caterpillars haul off unit, 3 to 16 caterpillars haul off unit, rotating blade cutting unit, etc.