Plastic Chipless Cutting Machine

DKM-E series high-speed plastic chipless cutting machine is developed by the joint efforts of German experts and domestic engineers according to international standard. Both the exterior and the internal structure are featured with reasonable design, convenient operation and excellent performance. The plastic dust-free cutter is applied to process pipes with the thickness of 60mm and the cutting speed is up to 20M/Min.
Over the years, DKM-E series plastic chipless cutting machine upholds the purpose of "pursuing high quality, achieving high performance”; its appearances, components and technics are in the leading position in domestic market and its performance has reached international advanced level.


1. The machine adopts imported PLC control with direct and friendly operation interface, which is simple and convenient.
2. Imported electric components control is applied to ensure stable and reliable running.
3. The plastic dust-free cutter adopts original imported gas circuit system consists by SMC gas control and executing components.
4. Imported cutting reamer processed by high quality alloy cutlery steel has the characteristics of tough and tensile, sharpness, antirust etc. The double-point sharp knife with patent skill, as a kind of special plastic pipe cutting blade which is featured with tough and tensile material, smooth surface and good rigidity advantages, is able to process thick pipes with little friction during cutting process and the edges are bright and smooth.
5. The whole machine is strictly followed CE safety standard with secure and convenient operation and excellent appearance.
6. Accurate synchronous control system is necessary for high-speed cutting.


Maximum cutting thickness of the plastic chipless cutting machine is 60MM.