Dekuma exhibited in 2012 Plast Eurasia Istanbul

The 2012 Plast Eurasia Istanbul was held on Nov. 29th. As the only plastic industry exhibition in Turkey, it got great support from the Turkish Plastic Association and it had grown up to a big scale. Turkey goes across the two continents, Asia & Europe; it is located between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. This location gives Turkey very convenient transportation. Together with the rapid development of the Turkish economy, its demand for rubber & plastic products and related machines gets extreme high, so the success of the Plastic Eurasia Istanbul becomes necessity.
Dekuma Rubber & Plast Technology (DongGuan) Ltd always focuses on the international market. In 2005, Dekuma extrusion line went into the Turkish market, at that time, its production speed already reached up to 20 m/min. Nowadays, Dekuma extrusion line is running well in many Turkish factories. “High-speed, highly efficient, energy-saving, reliable and cost-effective”, this is what our customers in Turkey say to our extrusion line.

Dekuma extrusion line runs well in Turkey

Turkish rubber & plastic machinery market is developing rapidly. And its location will give us a great chance to go into the European market. This exhibition is so important that Dekema attaches great importance on it. In this exhibition, Dekuma will display two models of extruder including the DKM-EI60X36A Single Screw Extruder and the DKM-EI92X28A Parallel Counter-Roating Twin Screw Extruder (Especially for PVC Material). The main characteristics of the machine are as follows:

DEK-EI60X36ASingle Screw Extruder:

1. Advance PCC control system realizes the automatic control of the whole line.
2. The optimum barrier screw is applicable for a wide range of raw materials and articles.
3. The precise temperature control system ensures the constant and stable output under different speeds.
4. The new designed 36 L/D screw can increase the output greatly;
5. The specially designed groove feeding barrel suits the screw structure and ensures the steady and reliable production;
6. The powerful and durable dynamic driving guarantees stable extrusion volume and superior article quality.

DKM-EI90X28A Parallel Counter-Roating Twin Screw Extruder (Especially for PVC Material):

1. The machine adopts SIEMENS control system to realize automatically control of the whole extrusion line. Excellent electrical components guarantee a higher controlling precision and usage life;
2. The optimized ventilating parallel counter-rotating twin screws are suitable for different formulas of materials such as UPVC/CPVC etc;
3. The prominent temperature control system guarantees higher precision of temperature in all heating zones of the extruder, and the quality of PVC products will be improved as well;
4. The integrated material does feeding system compatible with the extruder guarantees steady extruded output;
5. The transmission system with outstanding performance guarantees a longer usage life of the extruder;
6. The great vacuum ventilation system guarantees a higher efficiency of air exhausting and dehumidifying;
7. Reasonably structured water cooling and air cooling system of the barrel guarantees a higher product quality.

DKM-EI92X28A Parallel Counter-Roating Twin Screw Extruder (Especially for PVC Material) The 2012 Plast Eurasia Istanbul was held from Nov. 29 to Dec. 2 in Istanbul TUYAP Exhibition Center. At that time, Dekuma displayed its machine in boot No. 340, the third hall.

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